Stewardship services

Relax, we'll take care of everything!

Cleaning & housekeeping

Regular cleaning. End-of-site cleaning.

Maintenance of green spaces

Lawn mowing. Hedge trimming. Patio blowing. Vegetable garden maintenance.

Linen management

Washing. Ironing. Folding. Replacing.

Key guarding

Home control. Hosting guest speakers

L'intendance de Maison Magnifique is a state-approved human services organization.

Your tax credit for personal services is changing!

When you call on L'Intendance de Maison Magnifique, you're using a personal services organization. The expenses you incur in this way entitle you to a 50% tax credit. Until now, you received your tax credit in the year following the expenditure, when you filed your tax return with the tax authorities.

With the Urssaf Immediate Advance, a free optional service, you immediately deduct your 50% tax credit when you pay your invoice. In concrete terms, for an expenditure of €200 on personal services, you pay only €100.

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